Definitely a must have plugin

I have been using this plugin for a while and have found it really useful in speeding up my site and improving load-times. Definitely recommend it and install it on all sites I manage.

Alessio Rigoli, AGR Technology

Massive Impact

I launched my newest startup a few months ago and a huge issue we had to deal with right away was super slow site load times, to the extent that it was costing us a ton of money.

Then I came across EWWW IO, installed the plugin and the problem was pretty much solved overnight. It’s amazing what a massive impact proper image sizes made. I don’t know why WordPress hasn’t made EWWW IO a default part of their product but until they have… it will 100% be the first plugin I install onto any WordPress installation.

Bryan O'Neil -

Insanely Fast

Site is insanely fast now, the client is really happy.

Thierry Lavergne, Kokomo Web

EWWW IO is a game-changer

EWWW IO has been a game-changer for us. We use it exclusively for bulk-image optimization, and it’s been extremely reliable and effective. I’ve tested a number of plugins, but EWWW IO is hands-down the best way to reduce the impact image size has on page load times. Versatile settings make it a flexible tool, and on the rare occasion when we needed it, customer support was quick!

Sam Warren -

Fantastic plugin, even better support

This plugin worked extremely well for me. There were a few questions I needed to work through and I have only positive sentiment for the support provided for this plugin. A must for any WordPress blog.

Todd Heslin -

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