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Don't settle for less, get "smashing" performance with our API. Start today for only 99¢ or try it for free.


Accelerate your masterpiece with automatic resizing and more.


Use the free EWWW I.O. plugin or the Cloud-only version to optimize every image and pdf on your WordPress site.

Why EWWW I.O.?

Because your images are just begging to be optimized. No really, can't you hear them? Ok, maybe it isn't audible, but your images are still speaking volumes... Large images make your site slower, a slow site loses customers, and losing customers means less money for you. Let's change that!

Personal Support

We care about making image optimization accessible for everyone, so we support all our users, with free priority support for all paying customers.

Best Compression

We've done the research to make sure you have the best compression tools available, like TinyPNG and JPEGmini. Additionally, if we can't compress an image, you don't pay for it!

PDF Optimization

EWWW I.O. is the only service to offer both lossy AND lossless PDF optimization.

No Image Left Behind

EWWW I.O. for WordPress ensures that every image on your site can be optimized, not just the Media Library.


Every website is unique, and EWWW I.O. gives you a wide range of options to fit your workflow.

What others are saying

The compression is better than any others I have tried and the support is absolutely top notch! Highly recommended!

Best image optimizer plugin available!

Best image optimizer plugin available!

Grant Berntsen

Thank you for creating such a good plugin! I use the cloud service. EWWW Image Optimizer really speeds up my website. I have used several image optimizers, but none of them seemed to help as much as EWWW Image Optimizer and their cloud service. I recommend EWWW Image Optimizer!

A really Great Plugin for Images. Speeds up my Website!

A really Great Plugin for Images. Speeds up my Website!


Great plugin resource for WordPress development, very thankful for all the thought developer has put into this.

Easy to use and works, very efficient

Easy to use and works, very efficient


Highly useful! EWWW gets installed on every WordPress site I maintain.

One of the greatest plugins of all time

One of the greatest plugins of all time

Bozz Media

I had a couple sites with thousands of images and thumbnails on them and EWWW saved SO MUCH space. Worked like a charm for me. Awesome plugin!



82 Concepts

Unbelievably, the author has basically implemented my entire pie in the sky wishlist inside of six months. This plugin is absolutely indispensable to a smooth-running WordPress website.

Seriously, it’s up on the list with iThemes security, your favorite backup program, and SEO.

Just install it.

Super responsive author

Super responsive author

Ian Armstrong

I cannot write enough words of praise for EWWW Image Optimizer and its creator. Minimal if any support needed but he is there if needed.

The plugin is easy to use, and flawlessly optimizes images on WordPress resulting in a faster site and quicker page loading time.

Superb image optimizer, speeds site

Superb image optimizer, speeds site

David Henderson

I have to say, I’ve tried others with limited success… this one AMAZED ME!!

Took a 1.6Mb image and crushed it to under 400Kb with almost no noticeable image quality loss… I was stunned.

I normally optimize everything in FireWorks to stay as lean as possible on responsive designed sites that are going to be accessed on Mobile Devices.

Of course the client doesn’t even think about that, or what you told them when it comes to adding images and photo galleries (image and file size), they just go right ahead and load it up with big fat image files… not anymore!

Super handy, great work!



Pixel Light Media

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EWWW IO Cloud will save you bandwidth, storage, and most importantly, make your website load faster. Originally designed for WordPress, EWWW IO also features a flexible API that can work with any platform. If you want the best possible optimization, look no further than EWWW IO.
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