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Premium image compression.

Best Quality

Compress API

Automatically compress new uploads, save storage space with the best compression/quality ratios. Control which resizes to generate/optimize. 30 day backup of originals. Reduce server usage.

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Fast Delivery


Fully automated one-click solution: auto-scale, auto-WebP, Auto-compress. Deliver optimized images to your visitors without altering the originals. Automatic JS/CSS compression eliminates excess whitespace for efficient delivery.

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Maximum Efficiency

SWIS Performance

Page caching for faster site response times. Defer JS/CSS assets for a better user experience. Control which scripts and stylesheets load per page to reduce overhead and eliminate unused assets.

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This plugin is easy to use, and reliable. I use it on all my WordPress sites and save a lot of bandwidth. Also, I like the “pay for” options and used them on two of my sites where I upload lots of images. Great, great, great.

Joe Shaw


I have to say, I’ve tried others with limited success… this one AMAZED ME!!

Took a 1.6Mb image and crushed it to under 400Kb with almost no noticeable image quality loss… I was stunned.

Super handy, great work!

Pixel Light Media

When I think about image optimization, I think of EWWW IO

Correctly handling images is an integral part of the speed optimization process. As a speed optimization expert, I needed a reliable solution for my clients, and I found it in EWWW IO! After trying it for the first time, I’ve never installed another image optimization plugin, which is saying a lot.

EWWW IO is a powerful solution compatible with every web host I’ve worked on. Furthermore, it’s constantly upgraded to follow the newest requirements, which is why I always recommend EWWW IO to my clients when it comes to images. I love it so much I’ve even written a comprehensive review about it.

Dalibor Družinec,

Definitely a must have plugin

I have been using this plugin for a while and have found it really useful in speeding up my site and improving load-times. Definitely recommend it and install it on all sites I manage.

Alessio Rigoli, AGR Technology

Great, Thorough Plugin. Amazing Support!

The best thing was the support we received. Absolutely top-notch. Support was very responsive to my questions and was able to tweak some of the plugin features to give options that helped in our scenario. We’ve worked with many developers, and this was one of the best experiences ever!

Kenny, Lane and Lane Design

EWWW IO is a game-changer

EWWW IO has been a game-changer for us. We use it exclusively for bulk-image optimization, and it’s been extremely reliable and effective. I’ve tested a number of plugins, but EWWW IO is hands-down the best way to reduce the impact image size has on page load times. Versatile settings make it a flexible tool, and on the rare occasion when we needed it, customer support was quick!

Sam Warren,

01 /06

EWWW IO works with many third party providers out of the box

Whether it’s a plugin, service, or theme, we continuously test and improve compatibility with these and many others

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If your question isn’t answered here, feel free to contact us before you start optimizing.

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We accept all major credit cards using the Stripe payment system. We also offer PayPal as an option on pre-paid/one-time API credits.

Once you have purchased API credits and have a payment method on file, you can enable automatic recharge for your account.

You bet! Easy IO, the Compress API, and SWIS Performance can all be purchased individually.

An API key may be used on as many sites as you like. If you prefer to have separate keys for each site, you may generate “sub-keys”.

We provide complimentary 30-day backups or you can store local backups via our WordPress plugin. That said, you should always have your own backups in place before beginning any bulk optimization. If you don’t already, now is a great time to setup a good backup system (we recommend ManageWP).

Fortunately for you, our prices are about as low as they can go, but if you check the Contribute tab of the EWWW IO plugin settings, you’ll find an extra little discount!

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