Leaner Images, Faster Sites

You want your site to be a great experience for your visitors. Don’t let slow images stand in the way, let us help you speed up your website today!

What’s Included?

Easy Image Optimizer – an image optimizing CDN that automatically compresses and converts images as they are viewed. Includes WebP conversion, and auto-scaling that integrates with our lazy loader. Additionally compresses JS/CSS files for maximum efficiency.

Compress API – use premium compression on your ‘local’ images, great for speed, and also saves you storage space. Originals are saved on our servers for 30 days.

SWIS Performance – While image optimization is vital to site performance, this plugin gives you everything else that we use for making our own sites faster. SWIS includes one of the fastest page caching engines, along with various JS/CSS optimization techniques, and optimization for Google Fonts.

Pay Yearly, get 2 Months free!
Unlimited Images
1 Site
Lazy Load
Watermark Images
JS/CSS Optimize
200 GB Bandwidth
All Standard features
10 Sites
Global CDN Delivery
400 GB Bandwidth
Custom Domain
All Growth features
Unlimited Sites
800 GB Bandwidth
Site Speed Audits

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards using the Stripe payment system. We also offer PayPal as an option on pre-paid/one-time API credits.

Are there any limits to my plan?

If your site uses more bandwidth than your plan allows, we will ask you to upgrade to a higher pricing tier.

To prevent abuse, we have a “soft” limit on API usage. If you reach the limit, you’ll get an email and you may contact us to have your limit raised.

Can I still purchase your plugins/services separately?

You bet! Easy IO, the Compress API, and SWIS Performance can still be purchased individually.

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