Easy Image Optimizer

If you’ve ever struggled with slow load times because of the images on your website, we want to help make that frustration into a distant memory.

Getting Started

To enable Easy Image Optimizer, follow these steps:

  1. Start a free trial subscription for your site (below).
  2. Copy the Site URL setting, and then link the site to your account at https://ewww.io/manage-sites/
  3. Click the Activate button in the Easy IO settings, then ensure the status is “Verified”. If you already have EWWW Image Optimizer installed, you can activate Easy IO on the Easy Mode tab.
  4. Done!


Once Easy IO is fully activated on your site, it will slow down your site. Yes, you read that right, but it won’t stay that way…

On the first page load, our cloud servers will fetch your images, make them smaller, and then store them for subsequent visitors. Our advanced caching system will make sure this effect is very temporary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Easy IO on multiple sites?

You sure can! Once you have a subscription, you can simply go to the site management page to add additional sites, and a multi-site discount will be automatically applied.

Are there any limits to my plan?

If your site uses more than 400GB/month of bandwidth/transfer (which is a lot!), we will ask you to upgrade to a higher pricing tier ($10 additional per 400GB of bandwidth).

Do I need an API key for Easy IO?

Easy IO (powered by ExactDN) accelerates all your images by delivering them through our cloud servers without altering the originals on your web server. IF, however, you would like to compress the images stored on your own server also, you’re in luck! The Developer plan (coming soon) includes an API key to use our premium compression on your local images. If you need additional image credits, you can purchase non-expiring bundles at any time.