Brand Assets

Below are a few guidelines for using our brand resources for the EWWW Image Optimizer. Please review them to make sure you represent EWWW IO properly.

The Logo Usage Guide includes instructions on color and fonts, as well as examples of things to avoid. You can also download the full package with all versions of our logo.

Note: if you do not have the Gotham font available and wish to make custom creatives/graphics for promotional purposes, you may use the Montserrat font as an alternative.


Our primary colors are #272727 (dark gray), #3EADC9 (teal), and #FFFFFF (white). Secondary colors that may be used in conjunction with brand assets are #000000 (black), #1D3C71 (dark blue), and #959595 (gray).

Our Name

EWWW Image Optimizer can also be abbreviated as EWWW IO, or EWWW I.O. It is not Ewww or ewww or even eWWW. EWWW is an abbreviation for Exactly WWW, and also a bit of a joke, as in “EWWW, your images are huge and bloated!”

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