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Business Hours

Our small team works from home in the United states, and responds to support requests most often on weekday mornings, but will respond to emails throughout the day as time allows. We may occasionally reply on the weekend, but we try not to!


If you’re having trouble with the EWWW IO or SWIS plugin, it helps us a ton if you include Debug Information from the plugin. For EWWW IO, the Debugging Information can be found on the Support tab of the plugin settings. For SWIS Performance, the debug information is at the bottom of the settings page.

Priority Support

While we offer support to all (900k) EWWW IO users, existing customers get priority. If you are logged in, your email will be pre-filled. Otherwise, be sure to use your registered email, or mention your registered email in your request to make sure you get bumped to the top of the queue.


Please Search our docs before contacting support .

Note: the links and button above will normally open our support beacon, which allows you to search our docs OR contact support at any time. However, if those are broken for some reason, you can always email support {{at}} ewww (dot) io.