SWIS Performance

Since the very beginning, my goal has been to help you make your site faster, make your visitors happier, and achieve all the good things that come with happier visitors.

After a lot hard work and late nights, I am happy to introduce our newest plugin: SWIS Performance.

It makes your site faster, and bakes you a cake too! Alright, maybe no cakes…

SWIS is a collection of tools that I use for improving site speed. It includes the following:

  • Page Caching to reduce the overhead of PHP and database queries. AKA: super speed boost.
  • Defer JS to prevent render-blocking scripts.
  • Load CSS asynchronously to prevent render-blocking CSS.
  • Inline critical CSS to prevent a Flash of Unstyled Content (FOUC) when using async CSS.
  • Minify JS/CSS to trim out extra white-space.
  • Compress all assets and set proper expiration headers for awesome browser caching.
  • Deliver all static resources from a CDN. Purchase SWIS with our Easy IO CDN at https://ewww.io/plans/
  • Disable unused JS/CSS resources. Fully customizable, load/unload files site-wide, or on specific pages.
  • DNS pre-fetch and pre-connect hints so browsers can load third-party assets quicker.
  • Optimize Google Fonts.
Single Site
1 year of support and updates for 1 site
2-10 Sites
1 year of support and updates for 10 sites
Unlimited Sites
1 year of support and updates for unlimited sites

SWIS Performance may also be purchased in a bundle with our image optimizing services.

20% OFF

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