New Plans and Pricing

It’s not often that we change our prices, but we want to align them better with our mission, which includes “making image optimization accessible to everyone…” Lately, I’ve been thinking through the “why” of our pricing, and it led to the realization that it doesn’t seem to line up with that mission.

I started EWWW IO as a fork of the CW Image Optimizer, because the existing plugins didn’t work for my clients, and I quickly discovered they weren’t working for a lot of other folks too. Nearly 8 years later, we’ve had a lot of changes, including several price changes along the way. Most of them have been increases, and generally that has been in order to bring more functionality to our paid services.

To be clear, you can get a LOT of features in EWWW IO for free, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. But there are folks that can’t afford our current pricing, so it got me thinking, if we offered something cheaper, what would that look like? Was it even possible?

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Photo by Stephanie LeBlanc on Unsplash

The Leap

With the Compress API, we have taken steps over the last several months to streamline things. So we’re going to take a leap and lower the pricing for an entire month. That’s right, I’ve gone nuts and we’re slashing prices for an entire month! During our “March Madness” sale, all image credits will be 33% less, at $0.002/image. So instead of 3,000 credits for $9, you get 4,500 credits.

The Easier Way

We started a new service a couple years ago, that aims to make image optimization easier, faster, simpler. We have over 1,000 sites using Easy IO, but I know we’re leaving some folks out in the cold, simply because they can’t afford $9/month (per site).

To that end, we are adding a new plan and adding more value to our highest pricing tier. The new Starter plan features everything you need to nail Google’s 4 recommendations for image optimization: compress images, properly scale images, defer loading of off-screen images (lazy load), and using next-gen formats like WebP. It’s a ludicrous value at only $5/month.

The existing Easy IO subscription is now our Pro plan, which includes all the same features as before. Among those are a global CDN, optimization for JS/CSS files, and multi-site discounts.

The “bundle” subscription is now our Developer plan at $15/month. This includes 3,000 API credits per site, better multi-site discounts, plus the option for custom domain names (CNAME) and a GTmetrix Pro site report.

Upgrades and Yearly Options

With this shift, we needed to make it easier to switch plans. Now you can simply purchase an upgraded plan, and it will replace your existing plan without any service interruption or manual intervention on our end.

Additionally, only the bundle plan had a yearly option before, but with the changes we’ve made, yearly options are now available for all plans. We still recommend you start with a monthly plan to test out the waters, but all plans now include a one week trial period.

More Madness

Overall, we hope this shift continues to make image optimization accessible for more people. We’re always growing and improving the services we offer. Your feedback is a big part of that, and we always value any help in sharing EWWW IO with new folks.

Torque is running their annual Plugin Madness, and voting is currently underway. Plus, you can support EWWW IO with a review, or by becoming an affiliate. Share the love, and help us achieve our mission of image optimization for everyone!