I first built the EWWW Image Optimizer (based on the CW Image Optimizer) because I needed to make image optimization easier. I was working on a website for a greenhouse run by my in-laws, and I knew it would be a stretch just to get them to upload photos. Never mind trying to get them to understand image compression, or even the need for such a thing.

Apparently, I wasn’t alone in that, because the first week saw 500 downloads. Over the last few years, a lot has changed, but I’m still working to help make image optimization easier for folks. We even renamed our ExactDN service to Easy Image Optimizer, and are striving every day to make it easier and simpler to speed up your site.

We now have 800k active sites using EWWW IO, which still blows my mind if I think about it too much. The 8th birthday of EWWW IO is also coming up on June 7th, and I want to do something to celebrate these two milestones.

So, we are going to do a birthday countdown giveaway, with some pretty fantastic prizes. You can enter on social media (visit, follow, or tweet), by writing a blog or howto, doing a video featuring EWWW IO, or even joining our newsletter. Take your pick, and lets see who wins!

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