S3 Image Optimizer

The S3 Image Optimizer is a WordPress plugin that will allow you to retrieve all the images within one or more Amazon S3 buckets and optimize them using the EWWW Image Optimizer. It also requires the Amazon Web Services plugin to work with Amazon S3. If you are using WP Offload S3, you may not need this plugin at all. This is for folks who use other solutions to put their images on S3. Alternatively, if you have 20 sites sharing an S3 bucket, or have multiple buckets, and you would rather optimize them all from one place instead of 20 different sites, this is the plugin for you. If you have purchased image credits previously, contact us for a discount code.


  1. Install and configure the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin (or the Cloud-only version).
  2. Install the Amazon Web Services plugin using WordPress’ built-in installer.
  3. Follow the instructions to setup your AWS access keys.
  4. Install the downloaded S3 Image Optimizer via WordPress’ built-in plugin installer (Add New->Upload).
  5. Enter S3 bucket names under Settings and S3 Image Optimizer.
  6. As noted on the settings page, you can also define constants to restrict S3 IO to a specific bucket and/or sub-folder: S3_IMAGE_OPTIMIZER_BUCKET and S3_IMAGE_OPTIMIZER_FOLDER
  7. (Optional) Enter your license key on the S3 IO settings to activate upgrade checks


  • Go to Media and S3 Bulk Optimizer to start optimizing your bucket(s).
  • Use Media->S3 URL Optimizer to optimize specific images by their url/address.
  • Use WP-CLI to optimize your buckets from the command line, especially useful for large buckets or scheduling bulk optimization:  wp-cli help s3io optimize

Please note that your initial purchase is good for 1 year of support and upgrades. An automatic yearly subscription will be created during checkout, but you can cancel at any time if you need to.