It makes your site faster, and bakes you a cake too! Alright, maybe no cakes…

SWIS is a collection of tools for improving the speed of your site. It includes the following:

  • Page Caching to reduce the overhead of PHP and database queries. AKA: super speed boost.
  • Defer JS to prevent render-blocking scripts.
  • Load CSS asynchronously to prevent render-blocking CSS.
  • Inline critical CSS to prevent a Flash of Unstyled Content (FOUC) when using async CSS.
  • Minify JS/CSS to trim out extra white-space.
  • Compress all assets and set proper expiration headers for awesome browser caching.
  • Deliver all static resources from a CDN. CDN sold separately, or as part of our Unlimited bundle.
  • Disable unused JS/CSS resources. Fully customizable, load/unload files site-wide, or on specific pages.
  • DNS pre-fetch and pre-connect hints so browsers can load third-party assets quicker.
  • Optimize Google Fonts.

Purchase separately or as part of our Unlimited bundle.

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