Infinite Upgrades

Infinite 50
  • 800 GB Bandwidth
  • 200k API Flex Quota
Infinite 100
  • 1.6 TB Bandwidth
  • 400k API Flex Quota
Infinite 200
  • 3.2 TB Bandwidth
  • 800k API Flex Quota
Infinite 400
  • 6.4 TB Bandwidth
  • 1.6m API Flex Quota
Infinite 800
  • 12.8 TB Bandwidth
  • 3.2m API Flex Quota

Need less than 800 GB of bandwidth? Check out our Growth/Infinite plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

The pricing as listed is already as low as we can go (per GB). Any discount codes used on these plans will reduce the quota allocated to your account accordingly. For example, if you use a 15% discount code (Google will give you plenty of options), you’ll get 15% less quota than what is listed.

Bandwidth is tracked on a rolling 30-day window, so it is recalculated once daily. Compress API usage resets when your subscription renews.

You can view the bandwidth usage for all your sites on your CDN Sites page. You’ll be able to view the usage over the last 30 days, and also sort your sites by bandwidth usage.

Compress API usage can be monitored on your Keys page, and while we don’t track usage per site, you can use sub-keys to manage and monitor usage by site.

All plans include Peak Overage Protection, so if you go over your limit, don’t freak out, your site will continue to function just fine. We will contact you if it becomes necessary to upgrade.

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