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Over 900k Sites Use EWWW IO to Speed Up Their Images

EWWW IO has been a game-changer for us. We use it exclusively for bulk-image optimization, and it’s been extremely reliable and effective. I’ve tested a number of plugins, but EWWW IO is hands-down the best way to reduce the impact image size has on page load times. Versatile settings make it a flexible tool, and on the rare occasion when we needed it, customer support was quick!

EWWW IO is a game-changer

EWWW IO is a game-changer

Sam Warren

The compression is better than any others I have tried and the support is absolutely top notch! Highly recommended!

Best image optimizer plugin available!

Best image optimizer plugin available!

Grant Berntsen

Thank you for creating such a good plugin! I use the cloud service. EWWW Image Optimizer really speeds up my website. I have used several image optimizers, but none of them seemed to help as much as EWWW Image Optimizer and their cloud service. I recommend EWWW Image Optimizer!

A really Great Plugin for Images. Speeds up my Website!

A really Great Plugin for Images. Speeds up my Website!


I have to say, I’ve tried others with limited success… this one AMAZED ME!!

Took a 1.6Mb image and crushed it to under 400Kb with almost no noticeable image quality loss… I was stunned.

Super handy, great work!



Pixel Light Media

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