ExactDN is currently in beta, to use it you will need to download the EWWW IO plugin from one of these links:

EWWW Image Optimizer 3.7.3
EWWW Image Optimizer Cloud 3.7.3

Why ExactDN?

There are two primary components to image optimization: compression and resizing. While the Cloud API maximizes image compression, ExactDN addresses the resizing issue by automatically scaling your images and accelerating the loading of those scaled images.

ExactDN is a CDN with resizing capability (and more) that allows you to get your images resized to exactly the dimensions they should be. ExactDN also features full image compression, the ability to purge the CDN cache, and image quality adjustment (advanced settings).

In the near future, I plan to include a global white-list of third-party image sites that can be auto-resized via ExactDN. Contact us to learn more about the white-list if you use images from a third-party source that are not properly scaled.

Getting Started

Each monthly subscription allows you to activate ExactDN on a single site. To enable ExactDN, follow these steps:

  1. Purchase a subscription for the site where you want to enable ExactDN.
  2. In the WordPress general settings, copy the Site URL setting, and then link the site to your subscription.
  3. Enable the ExactDN option in the EWWW IO resize settings. Save, and then ensure the Plugin Status shows ExactDN as Verified.

Before You Purchase

We want you to understand what you are purchasing, and how ExactDN works. Once ExactDN is fully activated on your site, it will slow down your site, initially. Yes, you read that right.

First of all, the plugin has to parse your pages to find all the images and rewrite the urls. You must use a caching plugin or server-based caching so that EWWW IO only has to parse each page once (until the page expires). Web-hosts like WP Engine, SiteGround, Kinsta, and FlyWheel usually have server-side caching so that will work just fine. Second, the resizing process takes more time than just loading an image directly. On the first page load, the CDN server will cache a copy of the resized images. Each datacenter has multiple CDN servers, so if you refresh the page several times, it will help to cache all the servers in that particular location.

Bandwidth usage: ExactDN is a new feature, and future pricing depends a lot on demand and the usage patterns of all who signup. Until further notice, your monthly subscription gives you unlimited bandwidth usage. If it becomes necessary, usage will be billed at a rate of $0.09/GB. Notices will be sent out at least 1 month prior to activating usage-based billing. For example, if notices about usage-based billing are sent out on November 1, ExactDN will begin tracking usage on December 1, and charges will be issued once subscriptions begin renewing on January 1. By signing up, you agree that your use of the service may eventually incur usage-based charges, but please know that I will make every effort to communicate this change well in advance of issuing such charges. If it hasn’t happened by 2018, it is unlikely to ever happen, and that is what I am planning for.

Limited time offer: until October 31st, use the code EXACT4TW to save $4 every month.