Image Resizing and Acceleration

ExactDN speeds up your website by accelerating image delivery while ensuring images are properly sized and compressed. If you’ve ever struggled with slow load times because of the images on your website, we want to help make that frustration into a distant memory.

Getting Started

Each monthly subscription allows you to activate ExactDN on a single site. To enable ExactDN, follow these steps:

  1. Purchase a subscription for the site where you want to enable ExactDN (below).
  2. In the WordPress general settings, copy the Site URL setting, and then link the site to your subscription at
  3. Enable the ExactDN option in the EWWW IO resize settings. Save, and then ensure the Plugin Status shows ExactDN as Verified.


Automatic resizing ensures images are served with the right dimensions with no wasted pixels.
Full compression squeezes out every byte possible while maintaining high quality images.
Responsive design allows your images to adjust based on the visitor’s device size. Your site will look great anywhere, from mobile phones to high-resolution desktops.
Accelerated delivery using a global network of optimized servers puts the images closer to your visitors for the fastest load times possible.


We want you to understand what you are purchasing, and how ExactDN works. Once ExactDN is fully activated on your site, it will slow down your site, temporarily. Yes, you read that right, but it won’t stay that way…

On the first page load, our global network will fetch your images, make them smaller, and then store them for subsequent visitors. We’ve built multiple layers of caching into ExactDN to make sure this effect is very temporary. Learn more about how ExactDN works.

Bandwidth usage: We do not restrict the amount of bandwidth you can use, but if your site uses an amount that is unsustainable (somewhere north of 200GB/month), we will ask you to upgrade to a higher pricing tier in accordance with your monthly usage.

API usage: you will receive an API key if you would like to use our premium Cloud Compression in addition to ExactDN. You may use up to 1,000 image credits each month at for free, and any additional API usage will be automatically billed each month at a rate of $0.003/image.
NOTE: This is a brand new bundle, so please let me know right away if you have any trouble with your API key.