Remember that time I said we’d never do an unlimited plan? No? Well I do! But late last year, I took some time to think about why EWWW IO exists, and our mission of making image optimization available to everyone. I wanted to simplify things, for us, and for you fine folks.

We were fighting a lot of “fires” that were burning up energy. From dealing with rogue plugins burning up image credits, to the 50 sizes generated by some folks’ themes (and plugins), these were battles I was just plain tired of dealing with. I’d rather be using that time and energy to help folks make their sites faster.

My goal was to give folks everything we possibly could to assist in that effort, and save more time in the process: for us answering support questions, and for you futzing around with getting your images optimized. We ended up tackling this problem from two ends: the EWWW IO plugin itself, and our plugin/service offerings.

EWWW IO Simplified

First, we revamped the plugin settings to make things simpler for new users, introducing a new wizard that walks folks through the recommended settings.

Then, we re-imagined what the settings page would look like if we were following those recommendations, only giving the necessary options for novice users, and hiding some settings that only need to be displayed if certain conditions are met.

At the same time, we retained the flexibility of our myriad options in “Ludicrous Mode”. For all the “power users”, every single option is still there, not to mention all the overrides that extend the plugin even further.

The WebP settings in EWWW IO 6.0 have been re-organized, and we hope this makes it easier for folks to convert their images to this “next-gen” format, especially now that every major browser supports WebP.

EWWW IO Unlimited

Phase two of this monumental effort was to re-think our service & plugin pricing. The biggest part of this is to make the API unlimited. Too many folks have had to forgo using the API because they simply couldn’t afford it. Valuable storage space lay unclaimed because the there were just too many images to be optimized.

That said, we’ve struggled with Easy IO multi-site pricing as well. Originally, you bought a separate subscription for every site. Then we made that automatic, but you still had to pay extra for every single site–whether it was 3 sites, or 100. And when it was 100, well, that wasn’t a price many could swallow.

To that end, we’ve launched a new subscription to give you unlimited API credits, and simplified the Easy IO per-site pricing down to just 3 options: Starter (1 site), Growth (10 sites), and Infinite (yeah, unlimited sites).

More Unlimited

If that wasn’t enough, we topped it off with our newest creation, SWIS Performance. We’ve had a lot of folks interested in SWIS, but when you have to pay X for the API, and Y for Easy IO, and then you need another plugin, that gets to be a bit much.

Ultimately, we’re not here to make a bunch of money off folks. While that’s what keeps the lights on, our goal is helping you make your site faster. It is my hope that the new plans and revamped plugin can make that hope into a reality for so many more folks.

With all that said, I’m super excited to introduce EWWW IO Unlimited! I know we’re not done, and we invite your feedback as we fine tune the plugin and work to make faster sites a reality for more folks.