Too often, Thanksgiving is a day that gets glossed over too easily. Even if we do “celebrate” it, it’s mostly a day for eating lots of food and watching football (of the American persuasion). And with all the sales and shopping, Thanksgiving can just slide on by without a second glance.

So this year, I want to encourage you all to remember things for which you are thankful. Maybe there’s some clutch plugin you’ve been using a while, and you’ve been meaning to buy a pro license. Well, don’t put it off, go support those developers so they can keep making that plugin better. Sure, that might be EWWW IO, but you can get a ton out of EWWW IO even for free. So go look through your installed plugins and see if there are some folks you can “give thanks” to this year!

For us at EWWW IO, I want to say thank you to everyone who supports our mission to help folks make their sites faster. From our affiliates, to our customers, to all the folks who have done podcasts or featured EWWW IO in reviews and tutorials, thank you! It’s a tremendous honor to be able to help all of you speed up your sites, and I’m looking forward to what we can accomplish in the next year. Above all else, I want to thank God for leading me through this incredible journey.

Besides all that, we’re doing something a little different this year. The commercialism that overshadows Thanksgiving drives me crazy, so we’re not doing a sale this year. Instead, we’re giving away three lifetime licenses of EWWW IO, and anyone can enter. You’ll receive more giveaway entries by sharing this page with your friends or followers, see below for more details!